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for friction smoke generators.

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Bags of chipsThe AWPOL company offers for sales on continuous basis:

  • wood chips,
  • chunks for friction smoke generators,
  • wood for smoking,
  • functional shavings,
  • fireplace wood,
  • briquette. 


Smoking bars chipsWe produce wood chips from the following kinds of wood:

  • alder wood - ZRĘBEX GOLD,
  • beech wood - ZREBEX CLASSIC,
  • beech and alder wood - ZRĘBEX SPECIAL,
  • oak wood - ZRĘBEX STRONG.

Each of the above mentioned products is available in our warehouses in three basic sizes:

  • KL 10
  • KL 08
  • KL 04

We also produce wood chips at size KL 02 upon special order, adjusted to garden and tourist smokehouses, as well chips for older types of smoking chambers at size KL 13.

KL-02 chipsKL-04 chipsKL-08 chipsKL-10 chips








In our offer your will also find the alder and beech wood chunks for friction smoke generators adjusted to individual needs of the customer.

For plants using the traditional smoking method we offer hardwood (alder and beech) as well as functional shavings (so-called sub crusts).


Fireplace wood and briquette

Ecological sawdust briquetteWe offer you the fireplace wood made of high energy types of hardwood as well as high quality wood briquette for manufacturing of which shavings pressed under high pressure are used, without any binding substances.

Results of the research show the high energy value of our briquette as well as the environmentally friendly combustion process. 


Humidity: 4,1%
Ash content: 2,2%
Combustion heat: 17 737 kJ/kg
Caloric value: 16 228 kJ/kg
Efficiency 5000 cal/kg

Orders can be practically submitted on 24-hours basis. We can deliver the goods to the client by our own transport or indicate the nearest distributor.

Wood, 2

Wood, 1

We fulfil export orders.

In special cases, irrespective of the time of the day or the day of the week, we react immediately, to prevent business interruption in your Company.


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